Spring is almost here.. I mean this week it feels like spring is just around the corner (I refuse to accept next week is cold again) so in light of a little spring fever, let the day dreaming begin.

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Just one month away…


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Bar re-decoration

So like I mentioned earlier I did this project a few weeks ago.  I got this bar from my Grandma

First I took off all the fabric and sanded the baby down. ( yes, because it’s so cold and we are re-doing our basement, I did all this in my kitchen! Don’t mind the dirty dishes..)

Then I painted away…

I put it in the dining room and am using it as a bar. Pretty much am in love.

I need to find some corks to fill my big bowl and I am thinking about maybe putting a back, back on it with some fun fabric design.. not sure yet.

So there is my little project that took up the kitchen for a few days.

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Wow a month later I am finally updating my blog. Why do I long to blog but suck big lollipops at blogging…. any who.. I have been working on a few things I am going to update this week. Until then just a little hello!!

Hope you had a marvelous Valentines.

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Why am I so obsessed with white… probably the pureness of it, how it looks wonderful with absolutely anything and everything you put in your house! I love when it is matched with natural textures like woven baskets or hardwood floors, wood blinds… ecstasy of design!!

Well I  was browsing during my lunch break at West Elm I remembered how awesome that store is! They have everything!


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Light post

Well as I am waiting on some paint to dry on the bar I am re-doing, I decided to finally upload a gazillion pictures. Last Fall I decided to upgrade my light post by the road.

This is the before.

Few coats of spray paint later…

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Candlestick Makeover

*Found this post from September 2010…


Hi All!! I always seem to get busy and forget about my lil blog I am trying to get started. Anywho I have been doing a few fixer-uppers and would like to share one with you today.

I bought this candlestick at a garage sale for $1.00 about a year ago and finally have found a place for it.

It was rusty and not fitting in with my decor, I am in love with white right now and thought this could use a very fresh coat of white paint. So I got the spray paint at Home Depot with rust resistant and of course on my front lawn spraypainted away…

Throw on some cheap IKEA candles and whala!!!

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White Bedding

My obsession right now is White bedding… I am IN LOVE!  Got a set for Christmas so I cant wait to start using it. Have to teach the still wild and crazy one year old doggy to stay off!

Until then lets day dream….

*Google Images

*Google Images

* Google Images

*Google Images

*Google Images

*Google Images

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